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A tree farmer applying fungicide with backpack sprayer wearing appropriate mask for protection. Weather conditions are ideal with no wind to cause drift.

Tree and Wreath Supplies

Show your Pride! Full-color banners (2x8) now available FREE OF CHARGE to CTFANY members who are selling wholesale trees into upstate or NYC-area markets. Use these banners to add value to your customer relationships and to help them increase their retail sales. Call CTFANY office to order 518-854-7386.

NY State Grown Christmas Trees

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wreath products, tree growing and selling supplies:

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NEW! -- Resources for Hosting Visitors to your Christmas Tree Farm
Agritourism safety
To help keep visitors safe, use these walkthroughs, checklists and resources from the National Children s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety to implement safety best practices. It s easy and fun >>>

Resources for Growing Trees

NYS Integrated Pest Management resources

NYS IPM website http://www.nysipm.cornell.edu/

Christmas Tree IPM update
A weekly, mostly, email update on current issues
To be included on the email list, contact Elizabeth Lamb at eml38@cornell.edu

Tree IPM blog
A problem solving site for tree producers


Ticks Christmas Trees - Download PDF Document...


Growing Degree Day information

Growing degree days can be found at the Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) site – Click on or scroll down to Weather Data and put in the closest weather station to your farm

For any additional IPM resources or assistance, please contact:
Betsy Lamb
(607) 254-8800
Brian Eshenaur
Ornamentals IPM Educator
(585) 753-2561

Download PDF of information below...

Pest identification

PA IPM’s Integrated Pest Management for Christmas Tree Production 
Hard copies 814-865-6713, e-mail AgPubsDist@psu.edu, or order form at web site http://pubs.cas.psu.edu/orders_CAS.asp (specify publication AGRS-117).
Free PDF copy http://pubs.cas.psu.edu/FreePubs/pdfs/agrs117.pdf

USDA Christmas Tree Pest Manual
Also information on ordering a hard copy.

Integrated Pest Management Field Guide for Christmas Trees by Stephanie Mallozzi Radin

Weeds of the Northeast
(Also available at Amazon.com)

Michigan State University Identifying Weeds in Christmas Trees
PDF and ordering information

Michigan State University Identifying Natural Enemies in Crops and Landscapes
Know the insects you want to keep. PDF and ordering information


Scouting reports, blogs and other newsletters:

Fraser Fir IPM – from Jill Sidebottom, North Carolina State University
You can sign up for email notification.

Branching Out:  An IPM Newsletter for Trees and Shrubs
Subscription information at: http://branchingout.cornell.edu/
Also information on the Branching Out book

Michigan State University Nursery and Christmas Trees update
A weekly report of current issues.  You can subscribe to the RSS Feed to get it by email.


Diagnostic labs and sending samples:

Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
Sample submission forms and methods for collecting and sending samples.

Cornell Insect Diagnostic Laboratory
Sample submission forms and fact sheets

Dairy One/Agro One Soil and Tissue Testing

Penn State Soil Fertility and Plant Analysis Testing


Cornell Cooperative Extension offices
Addresses and contact information for all Cornell Cooperative Extension offices in the state


Cornell Guidelines

The Cornell Pest Management Guide for Commercial Production and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs is an excellent resource for pest management information including IPM and pesticides labeled for Christmas tree production.  Contact your Cornell Cooperative Extension Office or order on-line at http://store.cornell.edu/c-875-guidelines.aspx